How to create an effective content for your real estate blog

Real estate blog content marketing is one of the must effective ways to increase sales and build a strong brand. But, it’s another form of marketing that is quite different  from other forms of real estate marketing you are used to. Unlike other forms of marketing where you show off your excellent services and abilities. In real estate blog content marketing, what you show ofF is your expertise and understanding of that niche real estate.

Your blog is a platform where you render assistance and information to your prospects. It should be a hub where your visitors can run to  and get answers to all the questions bordering on your town real estate. The major goal of a well-tailored blog content marketing is to win and keep loyal audience who will in turn reward you with a purchase of a home or a referral.

Tips for creating an effective blog content marketing

1. Your blog shouldn’t be about you or your excellent service

Real estate content marketing is one of the must effective ways to build a very strong brand. The only way you can build a strong brand is to offer the right product at the right time and place. And believe me, your blog is the wrong place for you to say how great a realtor you are or how your services is the best in your town real estate, leave that for your about me  page or sales page. Sure, you can review one or two of your listings on your blog but it must be informative and devoid of any sales pitch.

2. Avoid using sales pitch

Nothing kills a blog faster than sales pitch. The job of your real estate blog is to build a strong loyal readership and a reference point where people can run to and get uncompromised information. If you use sales pitch in your blog, the signal you will pass down to your audience is ”the blog has been compromised and all its trying to do is to sell a product and therefore can’t be trusted” What your blog is supposed to be is to build trust and if you use sales pitch in your content, that purpose would be defeated.

3. Stick to your town real estate and related topic

Your blog showed be a reference point for your town. A place where people can go to and get all the information regarding your town real estate and related topic from the mouth of an expert. . So, if you are including information about other town’s real estate, you have done two things;

  • Watered down your blog: Your blog will no longer be a strong reference point for your town real estate
  • Reduced engagement and conversion rate: Let me exemplify these to make it clear. Let’s say your target market is A and you are creating a blog content for town A, B and C, What that means is that more than half of your search engine visitors will be people searching for information regarding town B and C. So, at the end of the day more than half of your search engine visitors will be useless to you.

4. Make your content clear and easy to understand

Don’t choke your content with a lot of keywords because you want to appear more in search engine result pages (SERP). Don’t also write gibberish content because you want to post on your blog on a regular basis. My advice to you is to write for humans and not for search engine bots because its humans that will consume your content and not bots. With blogging, the amount of post you will create is unlimited. So, instead of trying to infuse many keywords on a post, why not use those keywords to create several post on different topics.

5. Make your blog Post scannable

People don’t read content word for word in the internet, they scan through the content header, phrases and titles to pick out relevant points and clues. To make your blog post scannable, use titles and subtitles, list, numbers and formatting etc.


Those are the key factors to consider any time you are blogging. If you find this content useful please share it with your friends on social media. If you have any questions or more do’s and don’t of content marketing for blogs. please leave it on the comment box.

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