Realtor beginners guide – How I became a successful real estate agent and built a powerful brand on the internet from nothing

I was charting with a real estate agent and he asked me how I was able to become a successful real estate agent and totally dominate my niche on the internet.

Though that is not the first time I have been asked how I was able to totally outclassed my competitors online. Many times even my prospects have asked me that same question.

I remember one of my leads that came over to view some of my listings sarcastically telling me that my face is littered all over the internet. That anywhere he looked on the internet, my face will be the first thing to appear.

I this article I am going to share with you how I was able to achieve those fits. Though, it never came easy.

I remember many times in my race to dominate my niche that I nearly gave up. But I kept on encouraging myself and going.

The result of all those hard work is what I am enjoying today.

How I built a powerful real estate brand from ground – up

1. I educated myself about real estate marketing and building of brand

The first thing I did when I was about to lunch into real estate agency business was that I educated myself on all aspect that has to do with marketing and building of online brand.

Throughout myself inflicted education, I never bought any eBooks or paid for any online tutorials because I knew that all the materials I needed to become a successful real estate agent can be gotten online free. All I needed to do was to spend time and research on any subject matter.

In my journey to self-inflicted education, there were three tools I used to educate myself and they proved very valuable.

Free tools I used to educate myself about real estate marketing and branding

i. I Google it

Even though I have become one of the most successful real estate agents in my niche and the best in online marketing, I still owe all my achievement to Google.

Now I believe the popular saying “ask Google” when you ask Google anything, it will definitely come up with the right answers.

I will like to add to that popular proverb by saying “Google is you best friend, ask him anything and he will answer you”

It was through Google I got the other educational materials I used to dominate my niche on the internet.

ii. Joined real estate agents forum

Through Google, I was able to locate three wonderful real estate agents forums that I used to learn different aspects of a real estate marketing ideas.

Those real estate agents forums includes;, and

One good thing i derived most from real estate agents forums was that I was able to interact with seasoned agents and brokers in other niche and other countries real estate who have made their marks in their own domain.

I was able to ask questions through either by opening a new thread or contributing to an existing one.

iii. Followed Real estate marketing blogs

I must confess, the free tutorials I got from real estate blogs was invaluable and sometimes I wonder why those tutorials was free and what the author stands to gain by providing such a valuable material free.

Real estate blogs afforded me the opportunity to learn new things on different topics regarding marketing and building of an online brand. It also gave me the opportunity to ask the author questions on the comment box.

Some of the valuable real estate free tutorials I got from blogs include;

• Search engine optimization

• On page optimization

• Leads generation

• Follow up tips

2. I chose a marketing idea

After all the tutorials, I discovered I had to choose a marketing strategy and the strategy I choose will greatly influence my choice of niche.

Finally I settled for search engine marketing which is an arm of internet marketing because I discovered that prospects I got from search engine marketing are more motivated to buy and they converts easily to sales when followed up than another form of marketing.

What trilled me most about search engine marketing was the idea of the prospects being the one to locate me rather than me being the one to locate them.

Knowing full well that search engine marketing has two variants that are free and paid which are;

• Search engine optimization (seo

• Pay per click (ppc

I had to settle for search engine optimization because at that time I had no money to run a ppc campaign but I had all the time and knowledge in the world to run a seo campaign.

3. I spied on my competitors and studied other agents in other countries and niche

You can call me a thief but I am not. Any idea that has been in existence came from an already existing idea.

It’s just that the new guy picked it up dusted it and made it better. That you can do by spying on your competitors and studying other guys in other countries real estate and niche.

When I studied other real estate agents, realtors and brokers in other countries real estate like the us, I discovered that there is a lot of things I had to import to my country and refine it to make it suitable for my environment.

That alone was my biggest secret weapon; I used to dominate my niche on the internet. I studied the weaknesses and strength of my competitors and other real estate professionals in other country and used what I found to my advantage.

You too can do the same.

4. I chose a niche

The next thing I did was to choose a real estate niche. I used Google keyword tool now Google keyword planner to research my market and pick a niche from my market.

What influenced my choice of niche includes;

• The rate of competition

• Search volume

I chose my niche because I discovered when doing my keyword research that it has low to medium search volume per month and the competition was low.

Above all, I stand a higher chance of making it in that niche market with my current standings.

5. I got a real estate website

It took me roughly three months before I was able to get the right real estate website that was good both for my niche and financial position at the time.

Above all, I needed a real estate or realtor website that comes with a website builder, content management system, listing update, email marketing capabilities and ability to upload my own listings since my niche doesn’t have an idx.

After three months of tedious searching, I finally got agent bizzup and after using their free website builder, I realized that it has what I have been looking for in a website all this while.

In my journey to discovery agent bizzup website and hosting company, I came across many real estate websites and hosting bu they were all over priced and did not meet my requirement.

What trilled me most in Agent Bizzup was because it was a website I can grow with as I start making money.

For more reviews of real estate websites I have tested, here is my review of the best real estate websites for agents, realtors and brokers.

6. I drove huge traffic to my new website

When I launched my website, another question arose in my head how I can be able to drive traffic to my newly launched site since it’s new and not yet ranked on search engines.

Then, by searching for the answers on Google, I discovered how to solve that problem.

7. I did my search engine optimization

I never hired any seo expert to do my seo. Like I said earlier, I had all the time to do seo. The only thing I didn’t have was money to hire a seo expert.

After three months of intense seo, my site began ranking on first page of search engines result pages on some of my major keywords.

And after a year, I totally dominated my niche on search engine regarding my niche real estate. What surprised me most was that I started ranking for my larger market.

I can’t explain how I started ranking for my larger market on first page of search engine result page because I never optimized for it but all I can say that prompted it was that my bounce rate was very low.

Maybe Google and other search engines decided to reward me because of my low bounce rate on a major key phrase I did not optimized for.
I outsourced some of my marketing efforts

After a year of building an online brand and totally dominating search engine result pages on all the keyword regarding my niche real estate.
I discovered that my return on investment was very low when compared to the amount of traffic and leads I was getting.

After carefully reviewing my marketing efforts over the previous year, I realized that when it came to internet marketing and seo, I am an expert but when it comes to relating with leads one on one, showing of listings and closing aspects of sales I suck at it.

It’s not that I am not serious on those areas but it’s just that the area is my weakest because I am an introvert and rarely go out.

Moreover, my day job was not making things easier because I had to squish out time to meet my prospects for viewing.

So, I decided to get a partner who is very good at my weakness so that we can complement each other’s weaknesses.

The result of it was that same year not up to a month; we had a sale that was worth $900,000. Great isn’t it.

Another area I outsourced was my drip email marketing. I have already spoken about the importance and how to set up a successful drip email campaign here.

8. I tested, Tested and retested

No marketing is perfect until it becomes suited to your niche environment. So how can you figure out what will suite your environment and what won’t?

I discovered the best avenue of reaching out to my prospects through email marketing by testing different types of email marketing campaign and tracking the results.

That way, I got the right email marketing tactics that is suited for my niche.

9. Patience and persistence was what took me there

I can’t remember how many times I nearly gave up or broke down in tears because I gave it my all but the results was not forth coming.
I constantly encouraged myself and continued in what I was doing and that is what brought me to where I am today.

10. I focused on building relationship not making sales.

The only thing I focused on in my marketing is to render the best service and to build rapport with my leads.

I make sure I put my leads first before another thing by assisting them and giving them all they want without complaining.

Sometimes some prospects are so difficult to relate with that my partner nearly exploded in anger but he had to cool himself down and be professional.

At the end of the day, they end up trusting us more than another agent because of the way we tolerated and managed them and still rendered the best service to them despite their bad altitude.

I can’t count how many referrals I have gotten from relationship building alone.

My motto has always been “build trust and relationship first and the killer sales will come rushing in”

11. I went crazy with blogging for my niche

The benefits I derived from blogging was on of the major factors that contributed to me dominating the search engine result pages with all my tutorials and articles that has to do with my town real estate.

By blogging for my market, I was able to optimise on long tail keywords and other keywords I was not able to optimise for in my website.

this enabled me to dominate search engine result pages while avoiding Google’s keyword density penalty.

Here are some articles I have put together that will assist you with blogging for your market or niche.

Final thoughts

It’s been three awesome years since I have been in this business and I am loving it and never had any regrets whatsoever of being a real estate agent.

If I am able to achieve those fits, then it means anybody can equal or break it. It will all depend on your mind-set.
So, what is the best trick you use to dominate your niche? Please share your knowledge with us on the comment box.

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