How to generate real estate leads through backlink building like a pro

Search engine optimization has evolved over the years from just building lots of links to building relevant links from authoritative domains.

In search engine marketing in 2021, whether you are engaged in ppc or seo, relevancy is the key in getting higher rankings, clicks and engagement.

Formally, links used to be the trigger to higher rankings on search engine result pages. Then, seo experts can just build tons of irrelevant links from low quality domains and boom, its ranking no. 1 on search engine result pages.

Today’s link building tactics is no longer focused on volume of linking domains and pages but rather on relevancy and authority of linking domains and pages.

Because of this new trend on link building, I have seen WebPages with two to three relevant and authoritative dofollow links outrank pages with hundreds and thousands of irrelevant links from irrelevant and low quality domains and pages.

How to tell if a domain is relevant for link building

Like I said earlier, the more relevant, the domain and page linking to your website or pages are to what you are doing, the better.

Below is how you can determine if a website is relevant to yours

The perfect march

This type of linking domain are totally relevant or similar to yours and it’s the most difficult links to acquire because those that can link to your website or pages may be a direct competitor and may not agree to link to you.

Both the domain and page topic linking to yours are relevant to what you do.

Examples of this kind of linking domain are realtor’s website, home improvement website or mortgage website rendering the same or similar services as you in your niche or market.

The not so perfect march

This type of linking strategy involves linking to your website from domains that are half similar to yours.

It can be from a page of your town online newspaper, magazine, blog or a real estate blog that its domain topic is not about your town.

Distant cousin march

I was looking for a name to describe this kind of linking strategy, but the best I can come up with is distant cousin link building strategy.

This kind of link building strategy is when the topic of the linking domain is different from the topic of the webpage linking to your website.

The webpage topic linking to your website maybe similar but the domain topic of the webpage linking to your website is not.

This kind of linking strategy gives lesser link juice when compared to the first two linking strategies I mentioned above.

A good example of distant cousin link building strategy is when you acquire links from ezinearticles.

You know ezinesarticles domain topic has nothing to do with real estate but, the topic of the webpage linking to you maybe about your town real estate.

Dos and don’ts of link building in 2021

1. Avoid linking from user-generated websites (a good examples are forum comments]

2. Avoid over optimization of anchor test (use variations, naked url, brand name, your name, synonyms and acronyms to make them look natural] If you want to rank for san Antonio real estate for example, you can make your anchor test look like this, brand name, your name, view, visit, your url and san Antonio real estate

3. Avoid building all or most of your links from a single domain (diversify your linking domains]

4. Avoid linking from low quality websites –it’s just a waste of time and belief me, it won’t add any seo value to your website.

5. Avoid linking from unrelated domains – relevancy is key to link building in 2021. Put in all your effort in sourcing and building links from related and relevant website. It’s tedious but it’s worth the stress.

6. Build lots of editorial links (links found within the body of content]. The best way to acquire editorial links is to guest post or to create an awesome post on a topic in your niche and reach out to related websites to link to it.

How to check domain authority of a website

Before trying to build a backlink from a website to your site, it is highly recommended to check the domain authority.

When it comes to checking the domain authority and backilink profile, my best tool is ahrefs site explorer.

I love ahrefs site explorer more than majestic and moz because it indexes more backlinks than majestic and moz. It gives me more accurate data of my competitor’s backlinks profile to work with.

Click here to go to ahrefs site explorer and impute a url on their search bar and click try it for free.

After inputting a url and clicking try it for free, you can now explore the domain rank and backlink profile of the domain you want to secure a backlink from.

You can also use it to mine good backlinks of your competitors.

How to mine your competitors backlinks using ahrefs site explorer

1. Do a Google search with the keyword you are trying to rank for.

2. Get a spread sheet where you will put down all the good backlinks you will find

3. Then click on the first ten results starting from the first and input its url on ahrefs site explorer.

4. Ones the site explorer has opened, scroll down and click on dofollow backlinks. That will show up all the dofollow backlinks they have acquired, the url and domain rank, social shares and linking domain.

5. Explore all the good backlinks with high domain authority. If they got that backlink through guest blogging or blog comment, do the same.

The goal of this technique is to duplicate any high value backlinks from authoritative domains your competitors have.

Another way to check domain authority is to know the number of visit a site receives.

If a site receives thousands of visitors per month, then that site is authoritative because it’s only an authoritative site that can generate that much traffic per month.

The best way to check a site’s traffic is to use to check the traffic estimate of a website.

One of the reasons why I love is that after checking the traffic estimate of a website, they also give me list of other similar website I can build backlink to my real estate agent website.

They also tell me were my competitors traffic comes from. That will give me more insight on were and how to farm my real estate niche successfully on the internet.

Final thoughts

search engine marketing is where the juice lies when it comes to real estate leads generation and sales.

Because of this, money bags like zillow, realtor and trulia spend millions of dollars yearly on search engine marketing thereby pushing small agents and brokers with low-budget aside.

But thanks to google giving more weight to niche sites and backlink relevancy, beating this huge guys is now very easy.

Whats your backlink building strategy. i would like to know yours on the comment box.

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