4 fantastic real estate leads generation ideas top real estate agent use

Leads generation is one of the most important thing in any real estate marketing ideas. It is so because most online buyers are not yet ready to buy when they first arrived at your website or blog.

The average buying time between when they first arrived at your website or blog and when they are ready to buy is between six months to a year.

So if you take that into consideration, how will you make them to remember you when they are finally ready to buy?

That is where you need there contact information which you will use to follow up on them until they are finally ready to buy.

To get the contact details of your website or blog visitors, you have to ask for it by way of optimizing your website or blog to convert your visitors to leads.

That procedure is called conversion rate optimization.

I have heard a lot of agents say they don’t like asking for the contact details of their blog or website visitors. But if you don’t ask for their contact details how would you follow up on them until they are ready to buy?

The truth is only those real estate agents or realtor with the contact detail of any prospect stands a higher chance of converting them to sales.

If you are not aggressively asking for the contact details of your website or blog visitors, then you are running a charity organization not a profit oriented business.

In this article, I will be talking about the best leads generation systems and tools you can use to convert your site visitors to leads.

Top real estate leads generation tools & software

  1. Agent bizzup website: Agent bizzup websites comes with great pre-installed basic lead capture tools & software you can use to generate lots of leads on the go without any experience. C
  2. Optin monster: This leads generation tool is really a killer monster when it comes to leads generation. It is used for generating leads for real estate wordpress websites.

Great real estate leads generation ideas

Many realtors or real estate agents believe generating leads is the most difficult aspect of real estate marketing. The truth is it’s the easiest aspect of marketing. Once your website or blog is up and running and its generating traffic then your site should be able to generate leads if its properly optimized.

Below are ways you can optimize your real estate website or blog to generate unlimited leads like a professional.

Real estate website or blog Conversion rate optimization ideas

1. Design different optin or sign up forms for different pages of your website or blog

Because every page on your blog or website is unique and serves a different purpose, you have to design an optin or sign up form to meet those different purpose or needs.

2. Create a pop-up form

Creating pop-up form is a great call to action that will generate lots of leads for your real estate business. Pop ups is great for generating real estate leads because it gets noticed more than any other leads capture forms.

Types of pop ups you can implement includes;

  • Sign up to view more details of listings
  • Give away opt-in forms which pops up when your visitors wants to leave your page or when they get to the bottom of your page.

3. Sticky sign up or opt-in forms

Sticky sign up forms is another great way to generate lots of leads but not as much as pop up forms.

4. Create a sign-up or opt-in form at the bottom or side bar of your blog or website

This is another area you can add your leads generation forms. Though it does not convert as much as pop up form but it does produce results.

Other ways to optimize your leads generation forms includes;

  • Make your forms headlines bold and standout
  • Make your sign up forms standout so visitors can notice it
  • Tell the reader what exactly they stand to benefit by signing up
  • Compel the reader to take action
  • Make sure what you are offering will solve a pressing problem of your visitors
  • Make your headlines easy to understand i.e instead of using comparative market analysis why not use statistics of homes sold in your niche. That is easier to understand even to a layman.

Final thoughts

I have seen a lot of companies’ online offering real estate agents and realtors leads for a certain amount of money. Never fall victim of patronizing them because the same leads they sold to you, they will also sell it to dozens of other agents and realtors.

The money you will use to buy those leads can be used to optimize your website to generate leads and also for driving traffic to your website by way of advertising.

So, what’s your opinion about leads generation. Make your voice heard on the comment box.

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